Full Spectrum Flavors + Ceramic Cell Technology

Terpenes are the organic compounds found in cannabis that yield the aromas and flavors that make each strain unique. Our proprietary processing methods preserve these terpenes while discarding any unwanted plant matter. This means that Americanna customers receive the full-flavors and rich aromas from natural and highly potent cannabis strains no matter what.

The Americanna Process


Our CO2 extraction method is an all-natural process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to derive the cannabinoids from the raw plant.


We use 100% USDA organic alcohol to dissolve the extract into a liquid and place it into a subzero freezer causing plant fats to coagulate so that they can later be filtered out.


The oil is then heated under reduced pressure causing the THC, and other cannabinoids, to vaporize and separate from less desirable compounds.


The cannabis oil concentrate undergoes a rigorous testing protocol at one of our licensed laboratories.


Over the years, we have crafted our very own proprietary formulations to deliver the finest and safest experience possible.

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The Americanna Difference

Our meticulous and complex proprietary process distinguishes us from the competition.


CO2 cannabis extraction - Americanna

The collaborations we develop with passionate and licensed farmers are vital components of our process. After harvest, the cannabis is processed in a licensed extraction facility where it is prepared and undergoes the CO2 extraction process. A commercial grade extraction system then produces what we call “crude concentrate”. No BHO or harsh solvents are ever used in our refining process. We are committed to a responsible refining process and it shows in the quality of products.


Americanna - Integrity

Our precise and scrupulous methods leave no room for impurities. Our concentrates undergo multiple steps of specialized refinement to achieve a pharmaceutical grade cannabis oil concentrate. We use government compliant track and trace software to monitor every gram throughout the manufacturing process to ensure every detail about your products are flawless.



Our end product consistently tests at 90-97% pure cannabinoids by volume. This includes THC and over 90 other cannabinoids with special properties such as CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBG. These additional compounds contain immensely beneficial medicinal properties known to treat symptoms such as stress, anxiety, inflammation, pain, sleep disorders, and appetite loss.