Americanna Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQ for Americannas most frequently asked questions.

What is C-Cell Technology?2019-02-01T16:01:40-08:00

C-Cell Technology stands for “Ceramic Cell Technology”.

Cartridges originally used a cotton wick as their heating element, but these wicks burn at high temperatures, which burns oil faster and can lead to your oil a burned taste. This caused the industry to move away from cotton wicks and toward ceramic heating elements.

Ceramic heating elements are composed with thermal endurance in mind, meaning they can absorb and distribute heat from the embedded coil evenly and regularly. This ceramic is sintered together at a very high temperature, increasing its stability even further.

Ceramic coils are more stable than other heating elements, so they won’t burn out or become charred like other heating elements can.

Can I refill my Americanna cartridge?2018-03-22T18:54:41-07:00

No, these are designed as one-time use disposable cartridges. Once the oil is completely diminished, the ceramic cell’s lifespan is also complete. Over time, the heat breaks down its vapor production efficiency, so we recommend safely disposing of it before purchasing your new cartridge.

Q: Why did my oil get darker after I started using it?2018-03-22T18:56:56-07:00

This can happen for a few different reasons.

If you don’t use your product daily, natural oxygen and high frequency light will affect the concentrated cannabinoids and cause them to become oxidized. This is a completely natural process and won’t affect your safety.

Another common reason this could be occurring is if you’re taking too long of drags too frequently. Our cartridges are designed to flow a certain amount of oil before having to re-saturate. Not allowing enough time to pass between drags can cause oil darkening. Again, your oil is still very much safe to consume.

Where can I buy your oil products?2018-03-22T18:57:36-07:00

Our products can be seen in the finest dispensaries throughout California. We are currently unable to ship our products due to the federal laws and regulations that prohibit this type of transaction.