Founding Americanna

It all started in 2010, when the founders of Americanna noticed that the market was saturated with low-end and inconsistent medical cannabis products. High-end products were overpriced and out of reach for most people, the very people who needed them most.

We established Americanna with a simple vision: bring high quality and consistent products to those who deserved the healing properties of cannabis the most. The worker on a fixed-income. The veteran struggling with PTSD. The health-conscious person wanting natural ingredients.

The founders of Americanna pride themselves on delivering the best cannabis experience, all without compromising affordability. Because everyone deserves to choose what’s best for them. Americanna seeks to expand those choices, with an emphasis on helping people. And Americans helping one another is part of what makes America great.

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This oil is the bomb, very clear and very tasty. Love the HeadBand especially.  Keep it up, guys!!!


I get Americanna cartridges almost every time I go to a dispensary these are my favorites for sure! So many awesome choices and super affordable how can you not love them?! They never disappoint, I’m very satisfied!


I have never had a problem with any product this company offers. They are also very friendly and support their customers. I recommend Americanna products to everyone!

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