6 Reasons Why Cannabis Lovers Are Choosing Vaping Over Smoking

When it comes to cannabis, there are so many ways of experiencing it!

We’re no longer limited to just smoking, which makes it such an exciting time to experiment.

While there still is work to be done when it comes to scientific research about the cannabis experience, we want you to be able to make informed decisions based off of the research that we do have.

Many people throughout California have been choosing vaping over smoking for health-related reasons, the ability to be discreet, and for many other reasons.

Let’s unpack some of those reasons.

1. Health reasons

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Multiple survey studies have shown that those who have chosen vaping over smoking perceive more health benefits while vaping than while smoking cannabis.

Studies over the years show that vaporizing your cannabis produces fewer carcinogenic compounds than smoking it.

This has to do with the process of heating the cannabis or cannabis concentrate without combustion.

Cannabis smokers are known to be more prone to bronchitis and respiratory infections, but it’s because of the smoke that they’re inhaling – and not the cannabinoids.

Vaping lets anyone enjoy the cannabinoids and the health benefits of cannabis without any concern of health risks due to combustion (lighting on fire).

2. Discreet usability

Americanna - vaping over smoking - Americanna blogs

Society is more progressive now than ever when it comes to cannabis consumption, but many people choose vaping over smoking due to its discreet properties.

When it comes to smoking, it’s smelly, it’s smoky, and pulling out a bong or a pipe in public is a dead giveaway to anyone around you that you are getting stoned.

However, the exhaled vapor from a vape pen disperses almost immediately and doesn’t smell nearly as much as smoking cannabis does.

Depending on the strain or flavor, it can smell completely different.

A vape pen is also a discreet tool because of the growing popularity in e-cigarettes.

It doesn’t scream “I’m smoking weed!” quite like a bong or a blunt does.

3. Potent flavors

Americanna - vaping over smoking - Americanna blogs

The flavors, or terpene profiles, that cannabis can create are vast and complex.

People who choose vaping over smoking due to the concentrated terpenes are taking their cannabis experience to the next level as true canna-connoisseurs.

Certain strains have natural flavor profiles that are potent and distinct, but there are also options where you can find flavored cannabis concentrates.

Check out Americanna’s selection of cannabis concentrate strains and natural flavors here.

Want to learn more about terpene flavors in cannabis products? Click here to check it out!

4. Travel-friendly

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Many people choose vaping over smoking whenever they do any traveling.

Vaping doesn’t set off any smoke alarms, vape pens from Americanna come with an insulated travel case for safe transitions, and no one likes to travel with glass.

If you want to travel and smoke, that requires bringing a glass piece, rolling papers, or other complicated and awkward to travel with accessories, and a lighter.

But if you’re vaping, all you need is your vape pen and you’re set!

Vaping makes it possible to experience cannabis anywhere you want, and leave paranoia at the door.

However, be sure to be responsible and aware of any local laws or regulations regarding cannabis wherever you travel to.

5. Precise dosing

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When it comes to smoking, it’s rare to know exactly how potent your flower really is.

And this is exactly why certain people are choosing vaping over smoking when it comes to their cannabis experience.

The concentrate that comes with Americanna vape pens are lab tested for potency, consistency, and purity.

This means that by the time it reaches you, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be consuming.

Vaping provides the precise dosing that is very difficult to achieve with smoking.

6. To try something new

Americanna - vaping over smoking - Americanna blogs

A huge driver for people choosing vaping over smoking is to experience something new!

For those who want to live their best life by getting out of their comfort zone and having new and exciting experiences, trying a new consumption method is highly beneficial for being a well-rounded cannabis enthusiast.

Which of these reasons makes you feel most willing to try vaping over smoking?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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