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Americanna Special Edition 5-Piece Starter Pack


Americanna Special Edition 5-Piece Starter Pack This holiday season, Americanna is happy to announce a very special product now available for a limited time: the Special Edition 5-Piece Starter Pack. Our original 3-piece starter pack was such a crowd favorite that our innovators decided to create a special 5-piece edition [...]

Americanna Special Edition 5-Piece Starter Pack2018-04-20T22:24:31-07:00

The Americanna Taste


The American Taste Our full-spectrum terpene profiles come from all natural cannabis-derived plants, that are lab-tested, refined, and formulated using over 35 different terpenes. You are getting full-flavor vapor that’s pure, potent, and as healthy as possible. Our Products [...]

The Americanna Taste2019-04-30T09:54:53-07:00

Ceramic Cell Technology


Ceramic Cell Technology Means: Your oil is evenly vaporized with an increased heat surface area. Your Americanna cartridge was specially designed for our premium cannabis oils so you get the best vape experience of your life. • No burn • Full-flavor • 360 degrees ceramic heating cell • Optimized vapor production [...]

Ceramic Cell Technology2018-03-08T22:24:56-07:00

The Americanna Process


THE AMERICANNA PROCESS We only work with licensed farmers Who have met the states strict requirements for cultivating cannabis. After harvest, the cannabis is processed in a licensed extraction facility where it is prepped and put through the CO2 extraction. A commercial grade extraction system then produces what [...]

The Americanna Process2019-04-30T10:23:09-07:00

Welcome to Americanna


Welcome to Americanna Improving your life with the natural benefits of medical and recreational cannabis through quality, integrity, and innovation. Our cannabis oils are derived from natural cannabis responsibly cultivated by licensed family farmers here in California. We use industry leading CO2 extraction methods [...]

Welcome to Americanna2018-03-08T22:35:54-07:00

Why You Should Vape Instead of Smoke


Why you should vape instead of smoke   Vaping is healthier. Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t involve inhaling dangerous toxins, such as carcinogens. Vaping is discrete. Odors and clouds dissipate in seconds. Vaping is clean. You’re vaporizing clean vapors from all organic, all natural concentrate. Vaping is easy. Americanna vape pens and cartridges are small and [...]

Why You Should Vape Instead of Smoke2018-03-08T22:41:28-07:00

The Americanna Difference


Americanna products start from responsibly cultivated cannabis from licensed California Farmers. CO2 Extraction Our CO2 extraction process uses pressurized carbon dioxide to safely pull the cannabinoids from the raw plant. Unlike traditional BHO extraction methods, CO2 extraction means that the foundation of our concentrate is free from saturated plant matter, petroleum particles, and [...]

The Americanna Difference2018-03-08T22:49:25-07:00

Founding Americanna


Founding Americanna It all started in 2010, when the founders of Americanna noticed that the market was saturated with low-end and inconsistent medical cannabis products. High-end products were overpriced and out of reach for most people, the very people who needed them most. We established Americanna with a simple vision: bring high quality [...]

Founding Americanna2018-03-08T22:51:37-07:00